Sunday, February 1, 2009

Z, this blog's for you!

Huge Shout out to Zehava for being my most loyal blogging friend and for passing it on to her friends. (Everyone settle down and let me humor Zehava, before yall start to write in that you think you are my most loyal fan.)
I couldn't do this without you, because frankly there would be no point in blogging if no one is reading and certainly if no one is commenting. So thanks, Z for keeping me going and for calling me thin, I am flattered.
Tonight is the Super Bowl and while I have no idea who is playing, nor do I care, I think that it can be connected to dieting somehow. I am certain everything in life can be connected to dieting.
The Superbowl is all about winning, reaching the goal. Even though its men running after a ball because their life depends on it, they are still running towards a goal. Now each team in the league will begin the season hoping to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Some will not make it anywhere near and some will come close (think Tennessee). But all of them would love to be there and they will work their hardest to get there. When they fail, they get up and try again next year.
Quite honestly I think it's ridiculous. I (if you couldn't guess) think football and most commercial sports are overrrated. I mean, seriously, grown men running after each other and physically knocking each other down to get a pigskin. Its weird, I am sorry.
Now if the goal we are trying to reach is more noble, than to me it IS certainly worth running after with all of your strength and with the expectation that you will make it to the end. In the instance that you don't make it to the end this year, don't lose sight of the fact that you can get up and try again next year.
And with a couple of good endorsements, you can make it BIG.
We are all already winners because we have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle, but in terms of goals, may this be the year we make it all the way to the "Super Bowl"!

A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit. ~Author Unknown


SaraK said...

I like the post! Don't tell Yoch your feelings on football, she is thrilled that Pittsburgh won.

Zehava said...

Skatz, its true, I may just be your biggest fan. :)

I'll let you know one way that what we are doing is the opposite of the Superbowl. Tonight, Arizona put in a valiant effort, totally exceeded expectations and almost beat a highly favored Pittsburgh team. In football, you call the second runner up the loser, but in life there can be many many more than one winner, and we can all help each other to be winners together.....Man, I'm even inspiring myself here.

So go Sarah, and go Bears, Pat and Giants, I hope at least one of you are in the Superbowl next year! :)

She-nerd said...

i like this post too! z, i'm feeling inspired to be a winner. (oh and thanks for telling me it was arizona playing the steelers...gotta pretend i know something at work!)

Marg said...

It was the super bowl yesterday?

SaraK said...

Weren't all the Dads at Parent-Teacher conferences yesterday itching to get out of there? ;-)

Yoch said...

well the one day i decide to read the blog e/o is dissing football. z, you can't root for the pats and the giants, that is just wrong.

sk you are thin and awesome, sorry i don;t say that enough. all you keep up the good work.

btw, my word verification to post is "fries" ironic.

SK said...

You should read the blog more often then, Yoch!

Zehava said...


I am a cursed sports bigamist. I know its wrong, I openly admit my sins, but I am what I am and hope that one day the sports gods can forgive my trespass. :)