Monday, February 2, 2009

Z, sorry this blog is not for you

I would like to discuss a diet phenomenon I find fascinating.
Here is the scenario. I am dieting weekly and eating a lot of the same old same old boring foods. So lots of turkey and asparagus and even though I like them both a lot, I get bored.
I also basically eat the same cereal every single day for breakfast with no milk, Crunchy Corn Bran. I like it. It's low in points. It's a little filling and a little sweet, but not sweet like fruity pebbles sweet (yum).
last week I decide that 5 years of the same cereal every day gets boring and I need a change. Usually when this happens I switch to oatmeal or cream of wheat for a week and inevitably return to CCB.
This time I decide to try Puffed Wheat. Now Zehava will often extol the virtues of Puffed Wheat and so I was willing to try it.
People, all I can say is, do not try it, it is so not worth it. Mind you, it is so low in points that you could eat the whole box in one day and still not fulfill half your points for the day. But who in their right mind wants to eat an entire box of light and fluffy cardboard??? The stuff is so bland and so dry that I loaded it with sweet and low and cinnamon and had to use milk and still it was like eating soggy cardboard with cinnamon.
Then I would just crave food all morning. I mean who wouldn't if all they ate for breakfast was cardboard? I would have eaten the cereal box for less calories.
I did finish the whole box throughout the week last week because this is a recession and who can afford to throw away cardbo...I mean food.
For me tasteless and bland, no matter how low in calories gives me very little eating satisfaction and I think I even crave food with rich taste afterward.
Needless to say, tomorrow is back to the Crunchy Corn bran for me.


Zehava said...

Oh Skatz, you do make me laugh! :)

I realize that puffed wheat is not for everyone but I am so happy that I do not have a sweet palette and I do love puffed wheat (but to be honest, I love puffed corn the most!).

Nothing pleases me more in life than monotony, I love the same old routine, day after day.....Puffed corn/wheat and fish for lunch. :)

I am loving all of these blog shoutouts, cuz even when it isn't all about me, it is all about me. :)

SK said...

Its funny to me Z cuz I am a routine person and I could eat a salad every day but I need change and variety with food.
I couldn't agree more, even when it isn't all about you, its all about you. I am happy to make you laugh.

She-nerd said...

i think even the name is misleading. cream of wheat - sounds like something creamy and yummy.

i've been struggling with breakfast ideas lately too. i used to be a crunchy corn bran every morning girl too, but lately i don't have the taste for it. so i was making 3-4 aunt jemima whole wheat pancakes and bringing them to work, but dry pancakes just don't cut it.

M said...

SK I think I deserve the shout out here since this was the exact conversation I had with you!!
(you have created a monster)

SaraK said...

I am pretty much OK with monotony in my food, but I do like trying new things. I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast for at least 3 years and I love it. I also eat a salad and yogurt almost every day for lunch. For dinner I like to have different things. But because I cook for one, it usually ends up being the same thing for a week, then the next week I'll change it up.