Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food for Thought

Blogging about dieting gets boring.
How about we switch topics for today and talk about the shidduch crisis?
Then I can call the blog "Dating Makes My Clothes Shrink"
Or we can talk about the financial crisis in the United States and world wide.
Then I can call the blog "Having No Money Makes My Clothes Shrink"
Another possibility for discussion includes do you think Barack Obama is doing and /or will continue to do a good job as president?
Then I can call the blog "Barack Obama Makes My Clothes Shrink"-not so much.
OK How about the effects of global warming, is there really a crisis? And Should we, could we be doing more to prevent the breakdown of the environment?
Then I would call the blog "Does Lowering My Carbon Footprint Also Make My Clothes Shrink?"
Or the way we worship actors and actresses or ballplayers as our modern heroes. Are these people we want our children to look up to?
Then I will call the blog "If only Brad Pitt were Jewish, certainly my clothes would NOT be shrinking"
How about the topic of Free Will. Is there free will? If there is then how can God know all we do and even before we do it and we still have free will?
Then I will call the blog "Philosophy... Just Makes Me Anxious"
And lastly, as a possible blog in case you are bored and want to start one could be a laundry blog and I would call it "Putting Wool in the Dryer Makes My Clothes Shrink"
Have a good day!

I'm allergic to food. Every time I eat it breaks out into fat. ~Jennifer Greene Duncan


SaraK said...

Oh, Sarah. I am snorting at your humor :D :D

The shidduch crisis definitely makes my clothes shrink

yblubin said...

Sarah, I love it! Yours is definitely one of the most amusing blogs I read. Keep blogging and keep trying (with the diet). I think laughing is supposed to burn calories.

She-nerd said...

loving it! if i may add to your list...

-internet problems make my clothes shrink
-pregnancy makes my clothes shrink
-ben and jerry make my clothes shrink