Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

I have many excuses tonight for why I didn't go to weigh in at Weight Watchers, but most of you can probably guess them all. I begin with the least incriminating. I have a bad cold. Stuffy head, stuffy nose and I went to work today. I fell asleep at my desk waiting for a patient. It is that bad. As I left work I decided I was just too tired and cranky to go to find out that I gained and feel more defeated than I already am.
So instead I ate too much for dinner. Then I justified that by sating that I have a bad cold, stuffy head, stuffy nose and penne a la vodka was pretty much the only thing I felt would satisfy me. So I ate it and now I feel sick. Are you happy now???
By the way, pasta is not a food I eat very much at all. I like it but its not one of those foods I have to have. I rarely make it and if I do its in a vegetable lasagna after a fast day. When I go out to eat I rarely order it because I like other things better. But sometimes I just have to eat it and then I am good for like another 6 months.
I figured that once this week was shot what's one more day?
But now I am done. I feel as though I have fulfilled my cheating quota for the month. I have tasted and eaten pretty much everything I have wanted in the last 5 days and I am going to jump back in the saddle again. It's fleishigs for breakfast lunch and dinner, no junk and gym as much as possible.
We will see how long this lasts. I am hoping for a good week.
PS Another reason I didn't want to go weigh in was because I fear that my highest weight for 2009 might be right now. uh oh!

I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is fourteen days. ~Totie Fields


She-nerd said...

:( sorry you were still feeling rotten yesterday. i hope you feel better now. don't fret the penne ala vodka. there are theories of weight loss that say a high carb day can "reset" your weight loss so if you go to low carb the next day, you'll lose even more weight. of course this is totally a fad diet (Cheat to Lose - Marg, did you work on that with us?), but maybe it will help you feel better.

SaraK said...

When you are not feeling well, it's impossible to stay on a healthy eating plan. Don't beat yourself up. Today is a new day, you can start all over. Good luck!

Zehava said...

Good thing I will be in Queens this Shabbos to get you back on the wagon. I will inspire you! :)

Margaroni said...

AH yes, Cheat to Lose which SK and I were just IMing about the other night - sadly I find that my cheat day is really days and the diet is the 'day' part - but as weird as it is, I was good for a stretch and the Night of The Fettucine Alfredo I woke up looking thinner than I had all week, so maybe there is something to that. Heck if it means I can bring back the pasta (cant relate, SK, I could have it for three meals a day plus dessert) then sign me up! Anyway sometimes falling off the wagon is a good way to stay back on, so hang in there and feel better!