Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shout Out

This blog is dedicated to all of
the people in my life who are supportive and caring and joining in on the journey to a healthier and balanced self.
Many of them deserve shout outs because...well...because...they seem to have changed their own eating habits in order to get shout outs on the blog. If you are that dedicated to this blog then here goes:
Marg: SHOUT OUT!!! loud and clear for bringing peppers and popcorn to our Broadway show last night and helping me to avoid the M&Ms at the concession stand. I guess the economy deserves a shout out too, because frankly I can't afford concessions in the city during these tough economic times.
Sara: SHOUT OUT!!! loud and clear for swapping soup with me this week, and for offering to make grilled chicken for the Shabbos meal. I am certain you heard that down the block.
Esther P: SHOUT OUT!!! loud and clear for, well I can't really remember exactly what for...hmmm... for being my friend. (she won't mind, she is too busy to read the blog, but in case you do, shout out for being you)
This could go on forever but I will stop here...
I am off to bed because I have had a long and busy week and I know I make better choices when I am not so tired.
Have a great Shabbos and remember if you do something because you want a shout out, I respect and appreciate that. Mitoch Shelo Lshma Ba Lshma.
"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again"
- George Miller


Zehava said...

As your most loyal blog commenter, I am highly saddened by the lack of a shout-out to me. :(

But I will still be your friend, but only b/c you are thin.

Have a good Shabbos!

She-nerd said...

lol. been a bit under the weather this week and completely swamped at work so haven't been as loyal. (hanging head sheepishly)

congrats on the weight loss! how was the broadway show?

good luck staying on track over shabbat!

Marg said...

Thanks man! And big yell to your blog, because it is super motivating and I am way more aware and determined to adjust eating habits, even when you are not around (but all the more so when you are). It has also spurred E on though this might mean no more Godiva on anniversaries, so let's introduce some moderation before the twelfth please ...

SaraK said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I loved your soup, we should totally do soup swaps more often. I was so happy to make grilled chicken for tonight even though it stunk up my kitchen and my car when I brought it over to Marg's. When I got home from the shiur last night I was so in the mood for some comfort food like homemade cookies. But I remained strong and I popped some popcorn and ate blueberries instead! And then cleaned the kitchen.

SK said...

I dedicated entire blogs to you and your comments. doesn't that count for something?
And seriously, I am flattered by the sentiment but if I were fat, I wouldn't be your friend, either :)

Yoch said...

i'm insulted too.