Thursday, January 1, 2009

Any Excuse for Food

Has anyone ever wondered why it is that every celebration in life means there will be food? Today, as I drove home from a birthday party I pondered this very question. I have been to many parties recently, all involving food. Good-bye parties, birthday, chanuka, holiday, lets get together and eat whatever we can parties. There are always the bridal showers, brisim, kiddush, engagements, weddings. Lets not exclude the singles "parties", the events we get together at to meet new people, old people, people we are already friends with. EVERYTHING comes with food attached.
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to celebrate without food?
What would happen if we went to a birthday party and there was no cake or ice cream? What would we do? How would we sing happy birthday with no cake and candles to blow out?
My observation here is merely to point out that I think I can blame my weight, or more correctly, my inability to have self-control on society.
Phew, now I feel better!
Actually, now I feel sick. I absolutely feel like I ate everything in sight over the past 24 hours of celebrating all sorts of things. I lost control and let it go, but I have society (and Mendy- he said I could) to blame for it.
Needless to say it has not been the best two diet days of my life.
But as my friend told me she recently heard at a Weight Watchers meeting...
"Don't let a lapse become a collapse"
So let's hope I can get back on track easily and if you are making any sort of celebration soon...consider taking me off the invitation list.
Have a great Shabbos.


She-nerd said...

we could, i guess, put candles in a whole wheat pita or spaghetti squash. that would work for some people.

Zehava said...

Or in a grapefruit or orange or melon or mango. Yummy! :)

SaraK said...

I would be SO HAPPY if there was no cake at my birthday party! Seriously! I would much rather one of those cute fruit things like Rachayl always gets (hint, hint).

M said...

Funnily enough, I have heard that in the Outside world, alchohol is to them what food is to us - ie, you have pple over and NO BOOZE?!?!?!? SO I guess in some ways this is better? But anwyay I think it is an activity, and people feel compelled to 'host' - it gives a framework and makes the hostess feel like she has 'done' something - it's a hard thing to re-wire but at least conscioussness raising is helpful - ie, we can have snacks when people are over but does it need to be the essence of the evening?