Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Since I know you are all anxiously awaiting my weigh in results, I will hang my head in shame and tell you about today.
I gained 0.6 pounds
All Z's fault :)
Just Joking Z, you are the most positive influence in my life!
Everyone tried really hard to stop me from overeating so I have only myself to blame.

Anyway after WW today I was on my way to the gym and had to stop at Rite Aid for some things. I am feeling badly about myself and I am thinking about eating chocolate. I also have this thing (which is BTW, my mother's fault, for sure)that after I eat tuna I need something chocolatey. Don't ask, I have no idea why, but my mother once told me that she always wants chocolate after tuna and it has been hard wired into my brain.
Anyway I peruse the aisles for an alternative to the disaster waiting to happen and I find sugar free jelly bellies. OK I pick them up, go look for a few more items, get to the counter and see all those yummy chocolate candies, Reese's, Hershey's are all yelling my name from their little shelf.
I try to resist and I fail!
Not miserably, I buy a York Peppermint Pattie which did the trick and wasn't the worst possible choice (that would have been a Nutrageous bar).
It doesn't end here. I check out and I forgot that I picked up the jelly bellies and before I can say I don't want those (because I am busy thinking, do I want them, do I want both, do I need them), conveniently she scans them.
I leave the store in a rush before I begin to hear voices from the peanuts in the corner.
I get to the car and decide to start with the Jelly Bellies hoping I won't make it to the York. I eat like 5 and am dissatisfied by their texture (they are very..gooey, I guess is the right word). I unlock my glove compartment, stuff them in and lock it back up.
I promptly eat the York...
And promptly run 3 miles...

PS A very, very Happy Birthday to SaraK who has joined me in the journey against flab! Thanks for your support! I couldn't do it without you!


Zehava said...


I really think its not bad, you lost a lot the previous week, this is just a bit of rebalancing....Maybe it will be motivation for you to stay strong this weekend!

Eat salad not cake! That is my rousing cry. :) And I'm glad you didn't blame me or else I would have been sad.

I tried on some clothing last night that I haven't worn in YEARS (probably since I moved to NY, I don't even know why I brought them with me, wishful thinking I suppose) and they almost fit me, which was nice and showed me two things 1) I have a long way to go to my ultimate goal but it doesn't matter cuz I'm just taking it one day at a time and 2) I don't really like any of the clothing I bought 7 years ago. :)

SaraK said...

Awww, thanks for the b-day love. I guess a shout-out here is equivalent to posting on my FB wall? ;-)

The b-day card was SO perfect - chocolate!

I agree with Z, you lost a lot last week, just some re-balancing hopefully. Looking forward to spending Shabbas together again so we can motivate each other! And dancing up a storm on Sunday :)

Mom Katz said...
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Mom Katz said...

What do you mean isn’t everyone hard wired for chocolate after tuna? Sarah do not feel bad about the need to have chocolate every once in a while. The trick of course as we all know is to learn to eat it like Zady. For those of you out there let me tell you about my father in law. He is 80, ( he should live to 129) thin and in great shape, ever since I have know him he has had a chocolate STASH. Lots of chocolate always around, so how can he be so thin. He can eat just the H on the Hershey bar and put the rest away for days. Can you imagine? Its true. So one more thing to aspire to.

Here is a great recipe for left over chicken, sauté LOTS of vegetable in a drop of olive oil add lots of seasoning , skin the cooked chicken , cut in very small pieces ( you will think you are eating a lot more) add to the vegetable do not let it cook to long, it is much better if the veggies are crispy. Happy eating.

Sarah, also keep a fruit to eat at the end of the day after tuna before going to Rite aid.

Happy Dieting (oops happy way of life)