Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wow, it really is. (good for the diet)

So I went to weigh in tonight on a very empty stomach and I lost 2.4lbs! Now before we get too excited I will keep in mind that I was fasting. Still, it has to count for something. My weight loss total since blogging is a whopping 8.2lbs! I have totally surprised even myself.
I had a realization as I fasted today that I would like to share. I recently posted about how food is such a part of celebration and every function we go to is all about food. I realized that we are hard wired that way, otherwise why would a sign of mourning be about fasting. To feel afflicted or even to feel the pain of others we afflict ourselves by refraining from eating and drinking and thereby we can sort of feel we are missing something crucial. That's just it, eating is so crucial, its such part of us that we feel pain when we can't. (So I guess we can blame G-d for weight issues.)
My point is that I do not want to be uninvited to parties because the challenge of food is not going to go away; and although I did lose a lot this week, I cannot fast once a week- I get a little nasty when I don't eat (ask my coworkers). I want to be able to say that I am in control, that I know that parties are going to happen but they will not be the end of good eating habits. I want, as I am sure all of you do, to go to a party, have one piece of cake and move on. That is my goal!
So join me on the journey and embrace the parties and good times!

I would like to thank Zehava for her recent comment about the break-fast. She said "This is what I say for break-fast. Eat dinner. That's it. No need to make up what you didn't eat." I read that and thought, I can do that, I know I can. So I came home and ate what I would have eaten had I not fasted all day and no more. And I am so full, but so happy with that self control that I am giving a shout out to Z (and myself of course, but this is my blog after all).
Thanks everyone for listening. I hope you had a meaningful fast.


SaraK said...

Yay, Sarah! Very true...
I was going to come over but I had to work tonight (my boss called me on my cell, don't ask) and then I went to Pilates. Hope the lasagna was delicious.

Zehava said...

Man, I am glowing from your blog shoutout! (Do I need to get out more? Feel free to discuss :)) I'm so glad that I was able to help you out!

My tip for next week's weigh in is that your goal should be to maintain this week's weight loss. I know that I am the grinch that stole the 10th of Teves, but we all know that a post-fast weight loss isn't a "real" weight loss, so that should be your goal for next week - make it real! But anyway, you are doing awesomely. Keep it up! I can't wait to discuss over Shabbos.

SK said...

Yes, you do need to get out more, but this is not the place for that discussion :)
I do have to confess that after dinner and the gym I ate more but not pigged out and within reason. I totally agree that my aim for this week should be to stay the same at next week's weigh in. I do not want to get over ambitious here.
Lasagna was really yummy and my mother also made it and said it was a big hit with my dad.

Marg said...


Mom Katz said...

Sarah great job. Daddy loved the lasagna and it was so easy to make. The
smartest thing was making it in a small loaf pan. I never thought of
lasagna in anything other then a 9x13.

Here are my thoughts on fasting.

I find the most revealing thing about a fast is the fact, that when it is a
must we can go without eating. Of course if it is not kosher we do not have
to think twice. What if we are fleshig and want that milk chocolate, we just
would not do it. Then why is it so hard to pick the right choices when we
can eat. Heres my take on it, I heard a great shuir Monday night and the
main point was that you have to have the connection from your head (intellectual ) to your heart (passion) to be in control of what you want to
accomplish. The Rabbi was talking about your desire to "KNOW" Hashem. I
think on a level that is the weight debate, intellectually, I know my
choices are not good for me. Now I have to work on the passion to get it
correct so I can get to the weight I want to be and and stay there.

SaraK said...

I was also conscious of that yesterday. There was a bag of Hershey's miniatures out at the office and of course, since I was fasting, I didn't have any. Would I have been able to resist on any other day? Maybe. But maybe not. Thankfully they were all eaten and I don't have to worry about them today :)

She-nerd said...

i agree, Z, you need to get out more.

congrats sarah on your weight loss! even though some of that was fast-related, you should still be proud of yourself. but good idea for a goal too, Z. if you can keep those 8 pounds off for next week, that will be amazing. and you can do it - especially if zehava will be watching you over shabbos!