Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...If I don't count my lunch

I was talking to my friend recently and I made a comment about my diet that was very telling. I said, "I can have that (insert any food)now. I have enough points if I just don't count the candy." When we realized what I'd said we burst out laughing. And a big joke has ensued such as " Oh yeah I can definitely eat that chocolate bar, if I don't count my lunch".
When I said it it was because I had a few hard candies that day and I knew they were going to have to be reckoned with but I didn't really want to count them because they were so meaningless. In WeightWatchers they have this thing about if you eat it you write it. And then they warn you that they mean the BLTs too (bites, licks and tastes). It is so true that they are so many things we discount because we only tasted it or it was just a hard candy. But I see that when you diet you are held accountable for everything that goes in your mouth (which is a mashal for life, but now is not the right time, and it seems my Mom is best at the Divrei Torah portion of this blog).
Sometimes I want to eat without thinking about what it counts for and how much more I can eat because of it, but I do not think that is my destiny right now. Maybe one day, when I am so in control that I don't have to say diet anymore - (or when models become a size 12 and that becomes the style)
For today I guess I should count the hard candies I ate but I really don't want to. But I know that if I do count them then I am being true to myself and pretending they don't exist I am only cheating myself. So here's to being true to myself (and yall).

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!
-Marvin Phillips


SaraK said...

Cute quote :)

Have you tried sugarless candies? Much less points.

Zehava said...

Have you tried water? Much less points. :) Muhaha.

Everything counts. I'm so OCD and my food is so schedule oriented these days that if I veer off course at all I feel like I cheated (even if "off course" includes a green apple and half of a bag of baby carrots.) I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing....but I have to say that my weekly success on the scale (1 to 1.5 lbs lost a week consistently) is my main motivation these days. So far it seems that if I just keep doing what I'm doing, faithfully I will keep losing that 1 to 1.5 lbs a week and I think that is amazing!

Keep up the good work!

SK said...

Problem is sugarless candies hurt my stomach. Gum is really the best, but it just too rude to chew it while seeing patients.
And Z while I commend your excellent weight loss, I agree your system is a drop OCD. Keep up the good work. If only I were to dieting as I am to house cleaning!

She-nerd said...

i still remember when one of my old roommates came home with a great dieting treat. she bought those plastic molds for making your own popsicles and she was like, we can make water popsicles! those will be no points :)

what's your total pounds lost so far zehava? that's fantastic that you're losing so consistently! i do have to agree though - your eating methods do not sound normal.

Zehava said...

I so far lost 14 lbs and my eating methods are very normal! I'm just a little OCD that's all. :)

Marguella said...

Um, is no one commenting on Z calling her eating habits 'normal'??? (Muffin wrappers, anyone?)