Thursday, January 22, 2009

Be nice, please

I was really not going to blog tonight because I am tired and I did something really dumb that I do not want to confess. But, perhaps if I get it off my chest and confess it aloud it will go away.
I came home from a great gym workout and was in a mood. I had this feeling of just wanting to get into the bed and stay there for a few days with a good book and a few movies. But, alas I cannot call out sick tomorrow for a multitude of reasons.
So, I decided it would be better to be productive. I then decided that I want to make cookies for the morning meeting we have at 8am. It's an informal meeting and it would be nice to treat the group to some fresh baked cookies and I was in the mood to bake.
This happens, as She-nerd can attest to, and usually the cookies never made it out of the oven, let alone the house.
Anyway, much to my own dismay I made these delicious cookies called dishpan cookies with oatmeal and corn flakes and nuts. They are chewy and yummy! I admit that I licked more batter than I should have and I ate a few of the broken cookies.
It seems to be a theme here but I will say it again... it could have been worse. Instead of eating more and more I now have them packed away to take to work in their nice container for tomorrow and I will not, not, not, eat anymore.
I did have some points left over so it wasn't all bad, and I am just not Z that I have that much self control right now.
I notice that when I am tired my resolve weakens and I find it much harder to stay on track. I am certain we all have triggers such as that.
Therefore, I am going to bed now and I am actually glad I won't be able to read this till tomorrow afternoon when all of you have told me to stay strong and all that.
I am trying, I really am.
I just love sweets and cookies and cakes and CHOCOLATE, of course.
Be nice to me, I am fragile...


Zehava said...

I wish I could share some of my motivation with you, I really do....I guess if you know there are certain stumbling blocks in your way then you have to do what you can to overcome them. Like, bring veggies or fruit to the meeting instead of cookies and don't have the ingredients to bak cookies around. Stuff like that.

Another good motivator. Buy a skirt that you really like that is "slightly snug" and pull the tags right off so you can't return it. That way you have to diet to fit into it or else you just wasted a bunch of $$. I think that's a pretty good motivator.

Sarah, stay strong this weekend. You can do it! I miss you, come visit me. :)

SaraK said...

I rarely bake, because I end up eating what I bake. I always try to veggies and fruit on hand, but I know what you mean. Especially when Thursday night rolls around and I am so tired, my resolve sometimes weakens. But I made a big bowl of popcorn to nosh on last night instead of junk.

Have a great (and low-cal) Shabbas in FR!

Shira said...

hey Sarah,
sorry i have not been writting for a long time. I do continue to read but am afraid I dont really have any encouragement for you at this point in time, unfortunately. Hopefully one day I will have some. sorry. Anyway, see you very soon. I leave to America on the 1st. YAY ;-)

She-nerd said...

we have become a baking-free household, as amazing as that is for me. but i do have to say...i feel empowered if i bake something and don't have a single taste of it. of course, that rarely happens, but i find it to be an exciting challenge.

i think zehava is on to something there. we need to try to shift from the cookies/baked goods at meetings mentality to healthier foods. i am sure your coworkers would be very happy to have any food at the meeting - even a fun bowl of cherries or some veggies and dip. it's about getting something unexpected that is nourishing, not necessarily about the sugar content per say.

what's going on this weekend?

Zehava said...

Yeah I've been watiting with bated breath all weekend for an update! Sarah, where are you???

Mom Katz said...

I think that it is all well and good to say that we should bring veggies to a morning meeting, but that is just not fun. I think we do these things ( bring cookies) because we get pleasure out of it. There is certainly more reward for ourselves to make cookies rather then cutting up veggies . Much more creative. Maybe it is just me. Maybe it is just an excuse to eat cookies. I think it is important to be real about what we can and cannot do and not sabotage ourselves with what is not realistic.

About Burger King How do they afford it. Most of the people I work for are always complaining about not having any money. I bet it would still be cheaper to brown bag it, rather then go to the BK. Not to mention how bad it is for you. I remember when I worked for the Cardiologists we told people to hold their breathe when they walked by any fast food place.

Now for the being prepared and having things in you house. Wow this is so important, someone once told that I was just sabotaging ( my new word) myself if I did not pack lunch, b/c the only thing I have within a 5 mile radius is candy. I must bring lunch or I am finished.

Here's to everyone having a great week.