Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turkey for Breakfast

So all my work has paid off.
They said it so loud at WW that the guy in line behind me said congratulations-you’d think I’d had a baby.
Close enough. I lost 3.2lbs. and yes we are counting the .2 because it makes a big difference. I am feeling very proud of myself and you all for keeping me motivated here.
Let’s discuss what I can do to keep it off. This is the trend with me usually. I am motivated, I lose over one week and then I lose my motivation and eat everything in sight. Kind of like an electric toothbrush that runs on batteries. It goes strong the first week of the new batteries and then slowly peters out.
I have devised one strategy to staying thin.
Fleishigs for breakfast. I know most of you have wondered in your life how it is that we find very little temptation in a chocolate bar if we just ate a hamburger. I mean, even if you are tempted you wouldn’t eat it (except maybe if there is a heter vacation). I find it amazing that if I have a meat lunch I will not even consider the candy machine. All that I could eat there would be twizzlers (which I have been known to do) and chips (which are the one thing in this world I don’t really care for). Everything else in the machine is milchig. But if I had tuna for lunch, its all over. The candy machine calls my name all afternoon. So I am proposing that I wake up and eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast, chili for lunch and then chicken for dinner. The only thing I will have to contend with then will be nutty chews. I don’t think it is so preposterous, I mean people who don’t keep kosher eat bacon for breakfast, and sausage, and salami and eggs.
Actually I once did it. I was on a dieting craze and I went into work at 1pm once a week. So I woke up kind of late, and as I was making my lunch I ate a piece of the turkey that was supposed to go in my sandwich.
Around the holidays when there is chocolate in abundance everywhere I think this may be a worthwhile strategy. Nothing like religious practices to keep me thin.
You think that was G-d’s intention?


She-nerd said...

yay, i'm the first to post - and the first to congratulate you on your fantastic weight loss! you are on the right track already. and come on, you've definitely been successful for more than a week in the past. you can do it again. just keep us all updated on how it's going.

and this is probably the first time someone is saying the laws of judaism work FOR their weight loss plan, rather than against it. maybve i should write an article about that... :)

Zehava said...

Yay Sarah! That is fabulous news! Keep the motivation alive! Yesterday I counted the weeks from the day after Simchas Torah until the first day of Pesach (24 weeks if you were interested...) and as of today I will have completed 7 weeks which is almost 30% until I reevaluate my goals...thinking about it numerically like that, with a clear goal in mind really helps me. I don't know if it helps you. I just think, no I can't have that licorice right now (or for the next 17 weeks) but maybe I will be able to afterwards, who knows? I can handle a finite amount of time. :)

Keep up the good work!

SK said...

Z, you must be an accountant! I get it, though. Its like after a yom tov and I go on a diet, i always say to myself-you just ate everything you wanted without regard so remember how that tasted and let it hold you over for a few months. And yes, I am going to try to think that I cannot have it right now (or for the next 17 weeks) but it won't be forever.

SaraK said...

Yay! Congrats! If that works for you, then go for it.

Rivka said...

That's Great! I need to know how you did it. I actually started exercising again last night. I get into a routine, then something happens and I get out and don't go back. Anyway I decided that for me just eating right is not helping, So with Ahron, Meira and Akiva I did an exercise video. It was fun. Anyway, have a great day. See you Friday

SK said...

That is too cute, the kids did an exercise video with you? First thing I say is make exercising a priority. I thought that I would never be able to commit to it but now because I have been doing it regularly for so long I can't live without it. So even if you don't want to and you are not going to get the best workout, do it so you get used to it. Pick a partner and stick with it. Do it on 2 or 3nights that you know will be easy to sustain and make it happen. make sure you are doing something you are enjoying. After that i can't say what works, I am motivated right now so I am dieting and not eating junk. Hopefully it will keep up.

Sig said...

Mazal tov on your loss :) IYH by one and all ...
The fleish for bkfst is kinda radical and I imagine you'd get sick of it but certainly a couple times a week it's a brilliant idea - even to just have a quick bite of something meaty in the morning rather than a whole meal.