Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Presents, anyone?

I begin with a weigh in update. I weighed in at 0.2 less than last week. I got the trophy thing and I am depressed because I feel like I try so hard but it seems as though its never hard enough. Its like I avoid as much as I can and I still only lose 2/10 of a pound (which for all intents and purposes is staying the same).
But I will not be discouraged. I am going to keep on plugging along. I am forgiving myself and I know it will get a little easier after Chanuka and all the festivities. So the fact that I did not gain is really a very good thing.
Now here is something along those lines of making better choices:
Burn to Earn (from neversaydiet.com courtesy of SaraK)

Sometimes you just can't resist. A slice of pumpkin pie (about 316 calories). A Christmas cookie... or five (about 250 calories each). And you know what? That's okay. Because it's all about making better choices, not living without. Just keep in mind that every sweet indulgence comes with a trade-off. Earn a little wiggle room and burn off your decadent holiday treats by:
Ice-skating (450 calories per hour)
Wrapping gifts while standing up to burn more (300 calories per hour)
Selecting and dragging home the tree (156 calories per hour of shopping; 150 calories for 20 minutes of dragging)
Decorating the tree (320 calories for two hours)

So SaraK emails me this cute little thing and here is what I have to say.
Standing while lighting the Menora (47 calories).
So that's why Jews are so overweight! :) No tree dragging and gift wrapping for us!

Seriously, do people believe if they stand for a long time wrapping presents that they are going to burn enough calories. If that is true then I am going to buy yall some gifts and wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. Maybe I could do some jumping jacks in between gifts.
Here is my advice: skip the Chanuka cookies and sufganiyot(or indulge in a reasonable choice), stand while lighting the menora (to avoid burning the couch), and honestly -GET TO THE GYM!!!


She-nerd said...

i think that's one of the most frustrating things about weight loss - it's so variable and unpredictable. most likely, you could do the same thing next week, but you'll have lost 2 pounds (from my mouth to G-d's ears, huh?). as long as you're on the downward track, you're on the losing side!

i stepped on the scale this am and was not chappy...i'm trying not to gain weight this month, but so far, i've gained about 4 pounds. that could be the pecan pie i ate...and still am eating...but i finally broke the seal on my prenatal pilates dvd, pulled out my mat, and got going. my goal is to do at least one of the 10 minute sessions 5 nights a week. 10 minutes is easy, right?

Zehava said...

Ok, tough love time.

I know I'm going to get shot for saying this, but I actually think moderation is bad at the beginning of a diet. At the beginning you need to be ruthless....No cookies, no candies, no pasta, no pizza, no carbs at night, etc. etc. etc. Obviously you are human and will fail from time to time (about the second week after I started dieting I got really drunk on Sat night and ate like 4 pizza bagels, but I overcame it! :)), but this is the best way to lose weight and keep motivated. Moderation is for the maintenance part. The life part. You introduce it as you go along. But you can't be moderate at the beginning or you're not going to get anywhere. Eat turnips not candy! Don't snack, drink herabl tea instead! Good luck!

Sig the Fig said...

Funny enough I was thinking today about how I stand when waiting for the train, then on the train, then the whole time I teach - so who needs to eat right??? ;) And I was thinking that nothing in life worth having comes without sacrifice, so weight loss by definition cannot be a passive activity, gaining weight is. But who wouldn't rather think that every time you shower you've earned yourself a cookie.
Anyway I think I agree with Z but it might be a personality thing (ie, an extremist person) and, someone might find that system backfires = I respond well tpo the extreme diet for lets say 2 or 3 weeks and then I go nutso. I don't know how to 'south beachify' my 'atkins' and instead just go from salad and whole grain bread to pasta every night and then wonder what happened to my good efforts. I say that if you have an easier time sticking to a diet bc you can reward yourself as you go, then what makes more sense is to cut back where you can (drink water more or whatever) and make a point of working out more so at least you break even.
That being said, if it motivates you more to lose dramatically then that needs to be, er, weighed as well ...
ANyway lots of love and support

SF said...

PS Z were you just trying to raise controversy and spice this baby up a bit? Anyone want to comment on obesity in the chareidi world and among pple who live at home after the age of 21?

Frances said...

LOL- I enjoyed your postings. I do not know the calories expended but I have a few new exercises that don't involve the gym! Rather than ice skating which needs skates there is ice sliding on unkept walkways. And shoveling of snow and poking at ice blocks. Then there is dodging cars as you avoid those icey patches. I guess you could include standing as you bake those cookies or fry the latkes.

As ever, the parties are really not about the food but about the folks -which is often why we hide behind the cake.

I'm into substitutions. Veggies for starches, even starches for oil, beans for meat but there is no substitution for a good sweet for me!

There are times when maintaining the status quo is the only survival tatic that will work.

And the truth be told, you're looking pretty good. Maybe your goal is the problem? Is that a possibility?

SK said...

While I must say that I appreciated everyone's comments, I think Frances wins! :)
But here is the thing, I think I actually look okay, but if I do not watch myself then I am headed for heavier. So I would rather work hard, lose extra weight and then have a little more wiggle room.
That being said, Zehava, you and I are really different. I will go crazy if I have to deprive myself of everything. The diet won't last. Like Sig said, after 3 weeks of totally holding back you will see me eating chocolate chips out of the bag with a spoon of fluff and peanut butter in my hands. I tend to feel deprived and jump off the wagon.
My aunt once told she was in a WW meeting and a woman said she reached her goal losing 1/2 pound a week. So ~14 pounds to go, we are looking at July. Do y'all think you can keep reading this till then???

SK said...

PS Z, I will read the blog you start on Chareidis still living at home.

Zehava said...

Yes, we are very different. But I do agree, with a very long-term goal, slow and steady does indeed win the race, it just often helps if their is a big loss at the beginning, its nice when people notice and give you compliments and its a great motivator!

I realized yesterday when I was at the grocery store and extremely excited that the asparagus were on sale (as you well know) that I can do this for a very long time. :) T'G for small miracles.

SK said...

I LOVE asparagus, but somehow it does not take the palce of chocolate!

SaraK said...

I like asparagus too, but chocolate will always win.

Sarah, staying the same/losing .2 is a terrific achievement this week, with all the partying and eating.

She-nerd, go you!

She-nerd said...

after living with sarah, i have to agree with her - Z, your philosophy won't work for her. consider that a professional opinion. you're right that this might mean slower weight loss, but realistic goals are what's critical here.

thanks for the support sara! now somebody prevent me from buying potato chips on the way home. i NEVER like potato chips, but they would be really good right now...