Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fried Food Everywhere

I am happy and overjoyed to report that I went to bed hungry last night. If you refer to my previous post, I would have eaten the pizza because I was hungry and my stomach did not hurt. We went out for a fun night and then it was so late that we didn't want to go out for food ( or people did but no one said). So I came home and did not enter the kitchen. It was close to 2am and I figured I would not starve. I went to bed.
I woke up pretty hungry so I ate breakfast before the gym and then did a good long workout there. Yay me!
Of course, this leads me to believe that because I did so well over Shabbos I can eat whatever I want at the Chanuka parties I have this week. Yikes. As I sit here prior to my first party I am imagining all the fried foods. The latkes the sufganiyot, yummy. Then I quickly turn my attention to the heartburn and gross feeling I will inevitably have the next morning. I am hoping to skip the fried foods, load up on the veggies and treat myself to some more fattening foods in a small amount. My aim is to go home full, not sick and wake up tomorrow with no lingering feelings of fried food stomach.
I repeat the mantra ( which we know does not work so well, but its worth another shot)- I will not pig out! I will not pig out!
Lets remember that Chanuka, while it is very much about oil, its about light that shines from it, not the kind we eat!
Wishing all of you a beautiful and lichtig Chanuka full of the true light that Hashem had in mind to show the Jewish people.

PS Good luck at your parties and I say two latkes per party are allowed. Enjoy!


Sig said...

Don't say lichtig ;)

SK said...

I was waiting for that.

SaraK said...

that mantra lasted about 2 minutes :/

SK said...

Exactly right Sara, but I think I did better than I would have were I not dieting. So that must count for something...

SaraK said...

Oh, for sure. I ate a ton of the veggies that you brought - thanks!