Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home is where the heart is (and the calories)

So I am visiting my parents for a weekend and I told my sister today that all I can think about is food. Its like home is this giant food trigger. I get it. Its mostly because my parents home is now a vacation for me. I am generally off work for a few days and I most often come home for soem sort of holiday or celebreation. So its like all I can think about is when and what can I eat next.
But I will say there was a beautiful kiddush in shul this week with all homemade food and lots of yummy desserts. I surveyed the whole table, had one very yummy cookie and the rest of the time I ate salad and veggies things. I did get a very small bowl of cholent, but when it was being doled out I politely asked for a very small amount and it was perfect.
Its just that i slowly feel my resolve is weakening. Partyl because I am out of my routine and its really drab here at home and. The weather is not so cold its just really cloudy, so all I want to do is curl up and eat popcorn and watch movies. But, alas, I am on my way to the dinner for which I came. It should be nice, I am mentally preparing what and I will and will not eat. Iam only sorry I don't know the menu. I just keep repeating the mantra "I will not pig out, I will not pig out, I will not pig out!"
Ladies, SAY A PRAYER for me!

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Siggo said...

Yay, have been waiting for the good word (accidentally wrote food word first, ha ha, well there are no accidents...) from memphis - I am very impressed with your restraint. I hardly ate all Shabbos and then three stars were out and I dashed to keyfood because I had to have nachos THAT MINUTE so there went that - and those stupid desserts I baked are all over the house... maybe I need to devise a fruit only mandate in the home.
Home is such a hard one for all those reasons you mentioned - sometimes what helps is to think of how disappointed you will be once the flavor in your mouth is gone and you now are left with regret and only that. PLus I think your blog is brilliant because it's like a cyber confessional box and that means really needing to keep in line.
COME BACK (TO YOUR OTHER) HOME ALREADY, I miss you and want to hang out. Looking forward to healthy sacking on Wednesday ...