Sunday, December 14, 2008

I didn't eat the flower (for you , Rivka)

I know I just posted about 5 hours ago, but I do agree with the recent comments made that this blog is a great confessional. And I must confess before I go to bed that the mantra I repeated fell flat in my ears as the chocolate dessert was placed in my face.
I titled this blog "I did not eat the flower" and it has two meanings.
Tonight there was a beautiful dinner in my home town honoring my parents who truly are great people. Yasher Koach to my aunt, brother and brother-in-law for a job well done. I sat with my sister and cousin, Deena who both have been reading the blog. I was reminded many times that they will post on the blog what i ate if I do not behave. My bro-in-law kindly removed the chocolate candies from in front of me. It was all going pretty well.
Then came the food, it was so yummy, potatoes (white and sweet) and spinach (a super healthy food) and chicken (what can be wrong with chicken). Oh and an edible flower. Basically, I did not eat the flower...waste of calories.
So I felt pretty full, as I listened to the Chief Rabbi of Israel speak, I am thinking how I will not eat the dessert. Then, dessert came. It was a chocolate cake with a chocolate flower on top. Deena tried to help me avoid eating the dessert but taking a bite herself and telling me "its not that good". I tried to resist. I repeated the mantra.
Basically, I did not eat the flower.


Siggy the Piggy said...

I love that - it is very poetic and can be applied to so many things. And while it can be critique, it is also important to celebrate the mini victories. While I always take a more liberal approach to just about everything than I necessarily should, I see at least for myself that too much deprivation can backfire too - this is not a setback but a very situational and understandable celebration of a nice time with family, and now you're coming back to Queens (yay!) and you will resume your lean turkey mornings and skinny salmon nights.

She-nerd said...

dang, i just posted a comment and it all got lost.

i wanted to say b/c i'm behind i wanted to respond to your post about WW not giving you a smiley. i think you should write to them that you were disappointed not to get that kind of reward for your weight loss. it is completely normal and accepted in the nutrition community to lose more than 2 pounds in your first week in a weight loss program. plus, in response to Z, people who are extremely overweight can safely lose up to 1-2% of their body weight per week, which is typically more than 2 pounds. so i think WW would want to know what their customers are thinking.

that said, great job over shabbos! when you go on vacation (and really, we are in "vacation mode" when we go home - mendy tells me, shira, do you realize how much you let go when you step into your parents' house (AKA candyland)), it's best to set a goal to maintain weight versus continue to lose b/c it's really difficult to lose weight over vacation, and setting yourself for a goal that is not realistic just works against you. (wow that was a long sentence!) so good for you for not eating the flowers. in my book, any calories saved count!

Blondeena said...

Thanks for the mention. I do feel guilty, by the way, for the whole dessert thing. Even though I know I shouldn't. But you are totally right about the being on vacation thing, that your parent's house is now a "FOOD" house! Nights are the hardest, especially when they are cold and gray....even when I walk into my parent's house - and they live a block away - I walk right to the pantry thinking I will find something magical to fill all my eating desires! And all that's usually there are such pretzels and rice cakes and oreo cakes, which I feel guilty eating, so I walk away disappointed, only to do it again the next time! But hey, you didn't eat the flower and that's the important thing! Also the jacket looked nice, oh and wasn't your mother wearing the same shirt? ;P

Halpert'sMyHusband said...

sara, i have never posted til now but not for lack of love, just for lack of thinking you want to hear something i, a serial dieter, has to say. but i will say that this post was HI-larious and seriously made my night :-)

i'd love to see you sometime this week...lets be in touch!

Zehava said...

Hi SK! Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I know what you mean about going home. In NY I buy what I'm going to eat and I eat it and when I want more food I have to go to the grocery store and buy more. When I'm in Chicago I just open the pantry and shovel it in....Good thing I won't be in Chicago until Pesach! :)

Don't forget to keep the goal in mind! And I realize that after all is said and done I don't really like cake all that much. What a blessing. I do not feel like I've missed out when I skip the cake, the twerps or gummies, maybe, but not the cake. Thank G-d for small miracles. :)

Keep up the good work (and the good posting)!

Frances said...

What did the Chief Rabbi say? What kind of flower did you pass up? Tell me more! What else did you besides eat with your family?

What food that your mom cooks that you too can prepare?

I did bake over the weekend. Much butter, with choclate and nuts and spices. Even coconut balls. The best were cookies with fresh pecans. But there was that vegetable soup and fresh tangarines and pears- then a taste of each cookie! Now all those cookies to give away! They have mostly lost their allure.

Today in the science section of the New York times - the story I referred to last I wrote! They took it off Pope's blog!

I'm glad you had a good visit with your mom and dad with extended family.

Work for you and me- tomorrow! We will have no flowers or chocolate cake...

SK said...

Frances, I will tell all at the office tomorrow. And I am certain you are glad that you missed work today because there were donuts and munchkins and cake (and it was a crazy busy day). The one advantage to keeping kosher :)