Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't park yet

I had the munchies all day and no, I am not high. But I have resisted. I had a mint sucking candy instead. Today at work came the first holiday basket and it was actually filled with assorted nuts and trail mixes. I am proud to say I had 3 cashews. I LOVE nuts, I AM nuts! But I only had 3 cashews and then I stopped.
I would like to wish congrats today to my friends who have inspired me and joined me on this journey. Z, who has thus far lost 10 lbs and is going strong and SaraK who has thus far lost 5lbs. Great job guys, keep it coming off!
Sara sent me the funniest article ever on Oprah. WE all know she looks awful but it must be bad when the whole world is talking about it.
Oprah Article
A must read!
(Thank you Sara for teaching me how to do that, it took a lot of figuring but I finally got it, I think I will stick to medicine.)

Zehava said today in an email to me today a great line that I thought would inspire. She wrote " My goal for 2009 is that my highest weight of 2009 should be on January 1st."
I agree and I am with you all the way.
And here is a great quote I found today (author is anonymous)
The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.

We aren't parking yet, ladies!


Zehava said...

I must say that I'm blushing with pride at all of the shoutouts. :)

I'm happy to be joining in on this journey with you! Yay!

And don't forget more of my words of wisdom, if you're hungry there are always turnips. :)

Big Sig said...

Today I had brown rice sushi and fought the urge several times to buy the hot lunch - a Siggy weakness of macaroni and cheese - I didn't think I could do it but I did. So I am shouting out myself. Thank you.
I did however go to buy a blueberry muffin (low fat, they claim) feeling that it would help my anti pasta quest to have a treat but it turned out they had actually run out (at 10 45 am!) so I felt that Gd was on my side. So shout out to Gd too.

SK said...

I am proud of you both and I only ate 4 chocolates at work today when I could have eaten the whole box!

Zehava said...

I think muffins are poison. Just saying. :)

SaraK said...

Awwww, Sarah, thanks for the shout out and I am so proud that you got the link right! So glad we are doing this together, friends are great motivators!

SaraK said...

Oh, and Z, I really liked that line (how come I didn't get that e mail??). I think I might print it out and post it in my room or on the fridge.

Zehava said...

Maybe you didn't get that email b/c Sarah Katz doesn't know how to press reply all and I stopped keeping track. It is indeed a good line. I'm full of good lines. :)

Also, I wore a skirt yesterday that has always been one of my "sort of small" skirts and it was so big on me that I don't think I can wear it anymore. Yay!

SaraK said...

Hooray about the skirt!!! Will it fit me? ;)