Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fress Fest

I had the day off today so I have been lax with the blogging but not on my diet.
Or, sort of. I brought very healthy snacks to our karaoke party and today I ate very little till dinner and had some whole wheat pizza and a couple of fries. I also splurged on one piece of Godiva MILK chocolate (much to the dismay of Shmarg). She did try very hard to convince me that I did not want it, mostly because she is looking out for me, but for some of her own personal reasons as well. Anyway, I did have one and I am not sorry. I loved it and it was worth it(even if it meant breaking someone's milk chocolate heart in the process).

I am anxiously awaiting Shabbos where I will be in CT at a Shabbos Chanuka retreat, or as they have also been known: Fress Fest. It should be really nice but its never easy. I have already made a game plan but I will take any reasonable advice before Shabbos as well (having my mouth wired shut-not an option). So far I have decided to have one piece of challah and if they give those huge rolls I will only eat half. Next, skipping all soup and fish, not necessary and not where i want to waste my calories. here is the problem, from challah to main course takes a while, so I will need to keep my mouth busy with something, and obviously not challah. Wine, perhaps?
Then I will eat small portions and very slowly. the aim here is to not feel like I have to waddle to get to my car on Sat night. I am leaving early, mostly because I have a chanuka party in Brooklyn, but partly because I avoid the Sat night food fest and the Sun morning breakfast (way too many nisyonos for me).
Have a great Shabbos everyone! Wish me luck!


SaraK said...

Thanks for the healthy snacks at karaoke, and I am happy that we were all fleishig and the night did not end off with a visit to Ben & Jerry's.

I did pretty OK on Thursday, big salad for lunch when I arrived in Baltimore but Chanukah party dinner with the family - I had sushi and whole wheat pizza and salad, but then I also had a jelly doughnut (not even worth it).

But I got a guest pass to the gym here (which is SO NICE! - SK, you would cry. Meadows is the biggest dump compared to Lynne Brick's) so I got a really good workout and then I did some Pilates at home with some videos from YouTube. I am currently making bulgur for Shabbas (can you believe my Mom asked me to omit the fresh mint?) and will broil some chicken cutlets for dinner tonight. I also have frozen broccoli and cauliflower. Tomorrow may be a bit more challenging because I am eating out at a friend who is not the most healthy cook, but she did put a sweet potato in the chulent for me. I also have a shalom zachor tonight, but I will allow myself 1 treat, and it is a 15 min walk each way.

Good luck at the retreat! You can do it!

Chanukah Sameach!

Anonymous said...

Oooh have fun on shabbos! I think you should eat the soup. Soup usually isn't a lot of calories and it's healthy and best of all it is VERY filling. So by the time you get to dessert you will want to eat it but be too stuffed to. Good Luck! Good Shabbos!

Cousin Shir said...

Hi Sarah, sorry i havent written in a while. I just managed to pry my face out of the box of sufganiyot i have been eating all week. lol You should be proud just of the fact that they make you sick! They have gourmet ones here these days, its like some kind of sick competition in this country. Its almost over. Plan for next week is GYM GYM GYM, i almost dont even care if I dont have any clients, i just wanna sleep at the gym all week. Good for you that you are taking control!!! I have one more party to get thru tonight and then I am free. I need to lose my easiest 10 yo yo lbs before seeing anyone. I am sure you will be like half the size of me when I see you in a month. That right there should make you feel better! Have a great week!