Monday, December 1, 2008

Here I Go (again)

So here goes.
Today I decided for the fourteen thousandth time that I need to lose a couple of pounds. Now for those of you that don't know me ( which should be no one), I will clarify. I am not obese and never have been but I struggle with keeping the weight I have previously lost, off. The major issue here is (that i am not married?) , or more likely, that I LOVE to eat. For all sorts of reasons, the number one being that it tastes and feels good.
But this has to end. So my dear friend/diet coach (you know who you are) suggested that I blog my weight loss and eating habits. I would do it on Facebook but too many people would know my weight loss struggle, oh and I don't have a Facebook account (thats two).
The goal here is to enlist you, my friends and family, to join me in my struggle and help me out. I want to be motivated and stay motivated so I would love it if you would comment on my posts and offer words of inspiration, motivation, divrei Torah (whatever works) that will help me along.
Feel free to add how you are doing and if you need some help and encouragement I will be happy to comment. If you don't need help and encouragment ( I hate you), I hope you will share some tricks and things that have worked for you. If you have nothing to add then please read and enjoy. My only request is that you do not forward this to anyone without my permission. Not because I don't trust you, but because I am certain this is "ois shidduch" for a lot of people.
So lets make this a fun and funny place to keep in touch about our weight loss struggles and the ups and downs of dieting.
Thanks a lot for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.


Zehava said...

Yay! First commenter. By Diet Coach, I don't think you mean me, but you should! I think you should post my tips from earlier today, they were awesome (if I do say so myself. :))


SK said...

Diet coach was Shira (who else?) and I think it is a wise idea to post your tips. I will save them for tomorrow's blog :)

SaraK said...

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels - we should make posters and hang these in our houses.
This is great to keep us motivated! I can't wait to be the skinny-mini's of the chevra!

yblubin said...

Great name for a blog. This is a great idea. I totally know how you feel. I don't know if this is encouraging or not, but weight loss issues don't stop even when you get married. Being pregnant and overweight is not fun either and then you're not even allowed to diet. So at least you can "enjoy" the freedom to diet! B'hatzlacha.

Allan said...

As I sit here wolfing down my Weight Watchers candy bar and grapefruit I wonder where you got the notion that you love to eat! Could it be that you used to feel guilty if you didn't take seconds or thirds? Or perhaps the fact that food is what everyone in your family talks about? Or does? Or obsesses over? when will be the next time we can overeat in a restaurant? Any restaurant?

Keep us the good work, Sarah and always remember, life without chocolate is not a life worth living. DAD

PS. Check out my new e-book at

Allan J. Katz said...

I love the blog. I need help!!!!!!!there are days that All I think about is what can I eat now. Do you think Mind altering drugs are the answer?

Kevin said...

"A life without Chocolate is not a life worth living" - AK

May I echo those words?

I need help! I mean serious help. Nothing I do works. Why is it so easy to gain weight but it is impossible to lose it and keep it off? Maybe we will have more success if we join your OA (Overeaters Anonymous) group. Anyway I'm in.

I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and soup and salad for lunch. I am feeling good about myself for trying. I will check back here later to get some more inspiration.

I am starving! -don't tell Rivka I said that.

TANTA said...

Hi Sara,
Rebecca and I were just talking about what to make for dinner. We both said we have to go to the grocery and she said they have been eating NOTHINGNESS...I told her that was a great idea for you for the blog. Eating NOTHINGNESS is a great way to loose wieght!!! Anyway, good luck with your healthy eating and just remember how good it feels to be thin...

mom4 said...

Sarah, this is a great idea. You could pick someone to call everyday and have to tell each other what you ate so you can be held accountable.Also mom gave me a good idea, to eat a fruit on the way home form work at the end of the day so I'm not Starving(as Kevin says) when I walk in the door. This gives me time to prepare dinner without munching in the process. However, I wouldn't have to worry about what to make if I was more organized, but that is a topic for my own blog. Either way, good luck.

PS since when do you love polka dots?

ilana said...


So honoured (that's Canadian spelling!) to be included:) Oh food. It says so much about how we feel...I have so much to say on the issue...but we'll start short and sweet (no pun intended on the sweet). I once heard that we enact our beliefs through food, beliefs about having 'enough' (fears about not getting what we need) in terms of pleasure, abundance, satiety, and so much more. So, as you embark on this journey may you trust that there really is enough and enjoy what you have--food and otherwise! And don't forget to be gentle with yourself:) You go girl!

She-nerd said...

i love polka dots too!
wow, what a response! sarah, you're on the right track, so keep on posting! are you going to blog about your intake each day, or just how you feel about food in general? this shoudl be fun!

SK said...

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement and inspiration. Today has been a good day (mostly because I still feel full from a binging weekend). But please, keep coming to send words of encouragement. I am going to try to update the journey often, but I won't bore you with every morsel I have eaten. Thanks.

Heriatge Summer '07 said...

Having a blog is for sure worse than being on facebook (that's 1. Am muey impressed with your public commitment to health and happiness. I support you as fully as I would were you pregnant.

My word verification to be able to post a comment has the word chip in it. Is that a subliminal message form you?


Yoch said...

Uch. I can't believe it posted as Heritage. The sherminess is killing me. Off to register another account.

Shira said...

Hi Sarah. This is by far the most amazing idea yet. I wanted to read it yesterday but my email wasnt working. Anyway, as everyone knows and as many other ppl we know, I am in the same boat you are in. And I have to say, I think Israel is more evil with the fattening foods when it comes down to it. I mean they have had sufganiot(sp?) out for the last month and half already!!!!!!!!!! They are in your face no matter where you are. Enjoy your skinny cows and enjoy them for me too. Also the thing Rivkah said about eating something on your way home, DEF the best idea EVER! Also the happiest I have ever been was when I put myself on a eating schedule where every couple hours I was eating something small.....always something to look forward to in that case and no rumbling tummies, EVER! I cant wait for todays......
-cousin shira

Shira said...

I realized just now that it was pretty cool that when you are starting your day mine is on its way to winding down. Today my favorite foods of the day have been popcorn and carrots. I find myself wanting to munch,especially in the late afternoon. there is nothing better than popcorn in a paper bag in the microwave with a dash of salt and maybe even a sprinkle of cheese if you have the extra calories for it. Also a favorite of mine is south beach breakfast bars (just for a snack) they can hold you off for a good two hours because of the protein in them and they are sweet without too many calories. I used to eat one when leaving work on the way to the gym, it was always just the right amount! Have an amazing day!!

ilana k said...

Sarah, this is so you! I love it. I think it's amazing that you are so honest with yourself ( and the rest of us!) and so open to working on yourself and changing. You are awesome!

Sigmund Food said...

Harrumph. My comment didn't go through last time (perhaps vengeance for my one woman crusade against any diet you have tried since I learned how to use an oven) so i will try again. Yay I can now be someone who reads blogs. See if you can also write about being a chassidishe mother of twelve who is secretly sneaking in pork rinds. I always want to read those.
As to the diets, well, I spent a whooooooole lot of time writing inspirational garbage for WFM on this matter but it was all a question of writing catchy titles and meaningless advice, so I will just extend my support as well as my general thoughts on how we substitue love for food and this is really something that needs be blogged on a couch whilst paying someone 300 dollars to listen.
Otherwise I am a big fan of the keep chewing gum theory as well as many rewards for good behaviour as possible, and compiling quick and tasty recipes. Experimenting with spices can take a healthy dish a long way.
WOW I am so ready to go back to WFM, that was way more fun than marking papers.