Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tums or Chocolate

I was really great this week until today. No worries I have still not had any chocolate. Eleven full days and not a morsel. I have not caved and I have no intention of caving. I am just hoping my willpower will spill over to some other things I always seem to need/want.
Today I was craving the chocolate badly so I decided to trick myself by eating something else. I began with a grapefruit. That hardly squashed the raging desire for chocolate but it kept me busy for quite some time. I also looked up the health benefits of grapefruits and learned that they are packed with Vit C, lycopene and all sorts of other stuff. Can chocolate say the same" I don't think so.
Anyway I caved in and ate twizzlers which have zero health benefits but they do make mouths happy.
The funny experience of the week will explain the title of this post. There is a woman in my office who is the chocolate supplier. She sees a lot of people coming through her office and they are often needing some comfort so she also provides them with chocolates. For the most part, I eat them and then the patients have none. But not this week! Anyway she calls me in my office and says "Sarah, I heard you have Tums in your office". I said I sure do (always, in case of emergency)come and get some. When she came to get them I told her its the least I can do for supplying me with an endless amount of chocolate. She laughed, I told her I am going to keep them on my desk and see if she can pass by and resist them. I wish chocolate were as easy to resist as tums.
One day, I am getting there.
"Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of those pieces." - Judith Viorst


SaraK said...

You go, girl!
I am so sorry, but there will be chocolates tonight, courtesy of my Tanta Ronda. I hope everyone raving over them will not be a hindrance to you. As a sign of solidarity, I will not have any (because I ate approximately 20 when I was in Israel).
I can't wait for the non-chocolate celebration when you have completed your 'Lent' ;-)
It's going to be a fabulous accomplishment!

She-nerd said...

I had no idea grapefruit had lycopene!

joven said...

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Zach Eapen said...

Good one, very interesting ! Chocolates are powerful antioxidants and good for losing weight, but of course when eaten without processing it with sugar and fats. Chocolates are good for our hearts and helps lower cholestrol and Blood pressure.

joven said...

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