Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hard Habit to Break

I know its been quite a while since there has been any activity on this once very exciting blog. And now I'm baaaaccckkkk and fatter..better than ever.
I am back with a new technique for weight loss that may result only in me going insane, but I figured its worth a try (I am pretty close already).
As you well know, I am love chocolate. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack if I could. I practically do, with a salad mixed in for good measure.
I realized in recent weeks that not a day goes by without me eating some form of chocolate. Its a bit of an addiction, and its getting out of hand.
So I have decided to change my ways. This is not going to be a diet (where have we heard that before? A lifestyle change, perhaps?)
This is going to be 30 days without chocolate (have I lost my mind?). They say (whoever "they" are)that it takes 30 days to break a bad habit. So today is the day I begin. For one month, 30 days, I am going to try my very hardest to avoid any and all chocolate. I just want to see how I feel, if I can break the habit, if I can live without it, (if my skin will clear up). Beginning January 4, 2010 I am going "chocolate free". It includes all forms. No diet chocolate ice cream bars, no fat free chocolates, no sugar free chocolate. Nothing chocolate, nada, zip.
I hope you will support me in this endeavor and I hope to keep you updated on this journey.
Lets see how it goes. Maybe it will go so well that I will become a chocolate free human being. Maybe I will feel so good I will slowly become sugar free, flour free and be left eating fruits and veggies only...or maybe I will slowly go insane...

Thanks for your support.
PS Just so you know as preparation for this "fast" I have pretty much eaten every kind of chocolate that I like in the last three days. I am almost, but not quite, sick of it :)
"My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already." - Dave Barry


Chana said...

How's it going Sarah???

Shira said...

Heeeey. good for you for getting back into the writting. i realize today is only tuesday but hoepfully you are not concentrating too hard on your venture! This sounds easy compared to what was going on before, honestly. You can do this!! And btw, you inspired me to run. It only took me a year, but i am doing it now :-) -shir

SaraK said...

Hurray! I am so excited for the return of the blog. I think 30 days without chocolate is a good experiment. I know lots of people who give it up for Lent, so this will be similar. I am totally supportive! I don't even want cake on my b-day next week. Want to make me a nice fruit platter? :)

Michelle and David London said...

Breaking up is hard to do Sarah, but you can definitely do this with flying colors. The blog is great and I look forward to reading more entries. Maybe Sara can have a vanilla cake for her birthday with vanilla frosting? Miss you!