Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was passing by the break room at work today and there was a container of macaroons leftover from Pesach (I do not work in a Jewish environment). I am thinking that must be empty because everything in this place gets eaten right away. In a moment of weakness I went to the jar and it was almost completely full ( I guess gentiles do not have a complete appreciation for macaroons). I ate two and they were good. I must say that in Memphis the macaroons we had were so stale that i think they were leftover from at least two years ago. But here in NY they are soft and chocolatey and coconutty. Yum. Anyway it was worth it and I was proud because I only ate two and did not proceed to eat the whole can.
I'm allergic to food. Every time I eat it breaks out into fat. ~Jennifer Greene Duncan


SaraK said...

Good for you! Someone brought in a big bag of Hershey's miniatures on Monday (the 1st day of my diet) and I am so proud to say that I DID NOT EAT EVEN A SINGLE ONE! It was out on the file cabinet right next to my desk and I maintained my willpower! Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

SK, love the quote :)

She-nerd said...

we have macaroons left still. i can't bring myself to eat them, but i feel like one day we might be desperate enough to want them. i shoudl probably give them to the doormen downstairs. people love jewish food, even macaroons.

Margs said...

Gosh canNOT relate. I can't eat those things ON Pesach let alone after when everything is back to normal. Blech. I was proud that i didn't eat the all year round good cookies that were in the teachers room, and then at the end of the day one teacher handed me the last cookie (what, am I crying out for fat grams here??) and I took it so there was that. But it was mighty tasty.